From London to Suffolk - Building Brand Distinctiveness, Chenery Creative Limited

Chris Chenery has almost 30 years experience in the graphic design industry and was a partner in a Covent Garden based design agency for several years, before setting up Chenery Creative Ltd in 2017, based in Ipswich.

Chris has consulted for various sized companies from individuals to global corporations, primarily in the travel, leisure and education sectors, specialising in design for print, brand identity development and producing award-winning brochures and a host of other marketing collateral.

When it comes to the design of your brand identity or the overall look and style of your marketing materials, are you confident that you’re getting value for money?
Many businesses choose their suppliers based purely on pricing. After all, if your budget is limited, it stands to reason that you need to find a supplier that works within your price range. But sometimes, the cheapest option available doesn’t always provide the most effective return on investment.
Creative Director, Chris Chenery, says “At Chenery Creative, we are more than just graphic designers. Have you recently started up a new business, thinking about doing so as a result of changed circumstances, or is your current established brand tired and needing a refresh? You’ll want to ensure that the design of your branding and marketing materials will be distinctive, will work hard for you and not need changing again in 6 months or a year later. When we work with clients, we go much further than simply designing a logo or marketing brochure. Instead, we play the role of independent branding experts.”

He continued: “This means that we go much further than just visual design. We take the time to get to know exactly who you are as a business. We explore your strengths and weaknesses and help to articulate what you want your brand identity to represent. But beyond that, we also take the time to understand who your audience is. We find out what they think about you, how they see you, and what they may relate to. It means we can harness your audience’s expectations as well as your own company thoughts. We can create a perfect match, which seamlessly blends the two.”

To find out how Chris and the Chenery Creative team can help you to make the most of your brand assets, please contact Chenery Creative on 01473 396963 or visit