Being a filmmaker and now my own boss. Ricardo Markin.

Ipswich based Ricardo Markin always had an interest in film and design and his decision to start his own business as a film maker and videographer was no huge surprise to his friends and family.

Aged 21, Ric has already produced filmed content for the Suffolk based business, Hoax, the clothing, and lifestyle brand as favoured by music superstar, Ed Sheeran.

Ric says, “creating content that helps business reach new clients and tell their business story is what I enjoy”

Ric was selected to film elements of stars Ipswich concerts, something he describes as not just being a great privilege but a great lesson in recording and editing material against a tight deadline.

Having created his new business Greyhound Creative, named in honour of his beloved greyhound, Ric has been working with SMEs across the region. He says the explainer video is something most people will have experienced through their use of social media, it is a quick and simple approach to talk directly to your customer base, we aim to take this to the next level and deliver professional produced content that is still in the spirit of those explainer videos, fresh, natural delivery that tells the business story but with the added production value”.

Asked what he feels like being his own boss, Ric says “it is a huge discipline, the work calendar is slowly beginning to fill as people hear and see my work, the diversity of work is something that makes me jump out of bed, it might be a music video to edit, some animation or filming on location at a business, that diversity sparks creativity and that is what I so love”